He mea waihanga i Aotearoa - Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


He tirohanga mai i tāwāhi

He rauemi kura

Ngā moheni me ngā niupepa

Ngā pūrongo a te rūnanga Whakawā o Waitangi

Ngā pae tukutuku o ngā iwi o te motu

Ngā pukapuka whakatau

Ngā tātai kōrero o nehe

Ngā tuhinga o ēnei tau tata

Ngā whakaputanga a te kāwanatanga

Ngā Pukapuka

Rauemi Noho Ipurangi

Whakawā o waitangi

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HE Rauemi

Ngā tuhinga o ēnei tau tata

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